The JALT CALL SIG would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting the JALTCALL 2017 conference.

Platinum Reception Sponsor

Lexxica WordEngine
Contact: Guy Cihi, gcihi@lexxica.co.jp
Web: http://www.WordEngine.com

Regular Sponsors:

Eigo Live, LLC
Contact: Bob Brown, bob_brown@eigolive.com
Web: http://www.americanenglishlive.com

Contact: Andrew, hey@hellospace.me
Web: https://hellospace.me

MacMillan Language House
Contact: Ayako Inui, elt@mlh.co.jp
Web: http://www.mlh.co.jp

Oxford University Press
Contact: elt.japan@oup.com
Web: http://www.oupjapan.co.jp

Seed Learning K. K.
Contact: Takashi Hata
Web: http://www.seed-learning.co.jp

Contact: Alastair Lamond, alastair@englishbooks.jp
Web: http://www.englishbooks.jp

JALT Sponsor:

JALT Sponsor: Matsuyama Chapter
Web: http://jalt.org/groups/428

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact us at: conference [] jaltcall.org